Being a landlord is a joy without a doubt and it is the culmination of years of hard work and perseverance to own your property. But all the euphoria can quickly cascade into despair and financial ruin if you do not understand how to maintain your property or evict bad tenants. The joy of a landlord is in the peace of mind we give knowing their property is in the safest hands possible.

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There are many types of tenants out there and not all of them are interested in maintaining the value of a property that has been lovingly created and cared for by a landlord. Some Landlords have been known to spend far more money than the rents paid by their tenants to conduct repairs because of the state a tenant has kept the place. This is why Landlords are wary of who they let out their property to.

As real estate agents in this business, we understand a Landlord‘s fears. When you put your property under our care, we take it as a transfer of trust. This trust is not taken lightly by our team. We ensure we let your property only to the best tenants, scrutinizing their history to make sure there is little or no chance of misusing your property while in their hands. We conduct inspections at regular intervals to ensure the property is well cared for and we make sure utilities and other taxes are paid as at when due.


A property is only as good as its fix. High value properties can fall into disrepair if they are not well maintained. When a property is built to high standards, using quality materials, it is only right that we use high quality materials to carry out repairs. We make sure your house will never lose its value when you list it under our care.

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